All 12 Songs from the Sucker Punch Soundtrack (via Reelsoundtrack Blog)

There are 12 songs on the Sucker Punch soundtrack and the songs play a critical role in the movie. Think of it as the kick from Inception put to the graphical stylings of Sin City. Many of the songs are cover versions sung by the actors from Sucker Punch. Emily Browning performs the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" as well as the Pixies "Where is My Mind?". Carla Gugino and Oscar Isaac also sing "Love is the Drug". There are also a c … Read More

via Reelsoundtrack Blog


Talking Shite with Fu Man Chu – please feel free to continue to do so via comments.

Talking Shite with Hever is easy, simply type in your Name (yes, lie if you want) and your Shite in the boxes supplied and hit ‘Send My Shite’. Your Shite will then be OB-SERVED by thee Hever who, if she likes what she sees, will add it to the bottom of the page. And maybe make a comment or two.

But if it is not funny or cute or nice it won’t be posted. Yes you can ramble on about things and not make anysense,
but don’t be overly rude and obnoxious, cuz it won’t get posted.

Name: juice bigalo male jigalo
Shite: does any one like like koRn [the band] this site is quite COOL

Name: juice bigalo male jigalo
Shite: this is complete POO STAIN

Name: julian clary
Shite: i hate men with willys

Name: the Corn master
Shite:Quite dribbely a bit sticky with a nice helping of corn

Name: liljoey
Shite: wuz up my nigga.. who be’s takin shite now fool!!

Name: Krazy
Shite: If I could be any color, I would be the color BLACK. Why Black? because it’s so solid, it’s so deep and pretty…la lalalala. It’s the color of my personality. The color black washes over me like a Key West sunset. I love ya black.

Name: Ronnie 🙂
Shite: Heather your site rocks! van gogh wallpapery, british-english speakin’ (and yeah, that’s wit an accent boo), belly-button showin’, ever smiling cutie! Oh, um……..i’ll get back with ya. 🙂

Name: Warren
Shite: sideburns should be banned.

Name: the butler
Shite: If I was your girlfriend, would U remember
2 tell me all the things U forgot when I was your man?
Hey hey, when I was your man
If I was your best friend, would U let me
Take care of U and do all the things that only a best friend can?
Oh, only best friends can
If I was your girlfriend
If I was your girlfriend
If I was your girlfriend, would U let me dress U
I mean, help U pick out your clothes before we go out?
Not that U’re helpless
But sometime, sometime those are the things that bein’ in love’s about
If I was your one and only friend
Would U run 2 me if somebody hurt U even if that somebody was me? Yeah
(Even if that somebody was me?)
Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be … please!
If I was your girlfriend
If I was your girlfriend
Would U let me wash your hair?
Could I make U breakfast sometime?
Well then, could we just hang out
I mean, could we go 2 a movie and cry 2gether?
Cuz 2 me baby, that would be so fine (That would be so fine)
(If I was your girlfriend) {repeat in BG}
Baby, can I dress U
I mean, help U pick out your clothes before we go out?
Listen girl, I ain’t sayin U’re helpless
But sometime, sometime those are the things that bein’ in love’s about
(Shoo-do-do) {repeat in BG}
Sugar, do U know what I’m saying 2 U this evening?
Maybe U think I’m being a little self-centered
But I, I said I wanna be all of the things U are 2 me
Surely, surely U can see
(If I was your girlfriend) {repeat in BG}
Is it really necessary 4 me 2 go out of the room
Just because U wanna undress?
We don’t have 2 make children 2 make love
And we don’t have 2 make love 2 have an orgasm
Your body’s what I’m all about
Can I see it?
I’ll show U
Why not?
U can do it because I’m your friend
I’d do it 4 U
Of course I’d undress in front of U
And when I’m naked, what shall I do?
How can I make U see that it’s cool?
Can’t U just trust me?
If I was your girlfriend, U could
Oh yeah, I think so
Listen, 4 U naked I would dance a ballet
Would that get U off?
Tell me what will
If I was your girlfriend, would U tell me?
Would U let me see U naked then?
Would U let me give U a bath?
Would U let me tickle U so hard U’d laugh and laugh
And would U, would U let me kiss U there
U know, down there where it counts
I’ll do it so good, I swear I’ll drink every ounce
And then I’ll hold U tight and hold U long
And 2gether we’ll stare into silence
And we’ll try 2 imagine what it looks like
Yeah, we’ll try 2 imagine what, what silence looks like
Yeah, we’ll.. we’ll try 2 imagine what silence looks like
Yeah, we’ll try
if only

Name: Nice Men Come Last
Shite: Remember it takes 34 muscles to frown and only 17 to smile!
However it takes just four muscles to bring your arm back and bitchslap the f**ker in your face!
I know what I would rather do!!!! 😎

Name: yukbarf
Shite: If you think about it Beaver Cleaver is a really funny name. those ppl in the 50s were up to something alright
You are soooo right!

Name: Princess Blixa of the Surgical Steel People
Shite: MY EAR HURTS! No, I have not been fucking with it mother. *sniff* The hole was that big anyway. That boy stole my chenille pillow. I owe him a kick in the crotch *smirk* I must be going because my public awaits me. I am off to the land of the strange. Too bad your lip needs waxing.
I’ll get them on the way out… OH, and by the way will you be a dear and put these in your glovebox? Thanks. I always knew you would go places with that smile.
I got it waxed dear =) and thanks … i love you too!!

Name:the get go
Shite: so people that are blind must dream, right?

Name: Jack Cage
Shite: How many boards would the Mongols hoard if the Mongol Hordes got bored? This shite goes to 11!

Name: John doesnt like to rap
Shite: RAP! no.

Shite: jOHN JOHN YES HES JOHN I DONT KNOw hes the man he eats a lot of poo all day long (i dont eat poo…) He says he dont eat poo but yeah he found a parasitism and he put it down his pants

Name: Matthew F’n Hastings
Shite: This job requires a strong back and a weak mind.

Shite: lipstitshipspowertheshiteighnshere

Name: Sir Mambo Slippy Sly Dogg
Shite: Ain’t no thang, can’t be keepin’ me down with yo rules, daddy-o! Ya keep your funk on the down low, with a fresh beat. There just ain’t no groove worth loosing your cool, so keep it comin’…boyeee!

Name: Oompah
Shite: What do you get from a lot of T.V.? A pain in the neck and an I.Q. of three. Why don’t you try simply reading a book? You’ll get no…you’ll get no…You’ll get no commercials!!!

Name: Jazzmaster Funky-O-Fresh
Shite: Love the swirly, mind altering, wallpaper. Cool like dat’

Name: Hooker
Shite: I gots your SHITE right here ! POW $##@$##$#$#@$@

Name: davidc
Shite: I like getting jokes and forwards in my email. What is the difference between soup and gravy?

Name: HoochWang
Shite: Mary Fades away,
Fades away and cries
Mary Fades away, she cries,
Just before she dies.

Name: Layla
Shite: If a mute swears, does his mom wash his hands with soap?
Despite the cost of living, have you noticed how popular it remains? Also, if a turtle loses his shell, is he naked or homless? Hey Hev, go check out they got more funny sayings like these. Oh yeah, one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.

Name: LilOlMe
Shite: Salmon. The answer is salmon, i tell you, and i will continue to say it until you finally, ultimately, and completely surrender your soul the the great fishmonger in the sky. Which *is* pink, i’ll have you know!

Name: troy
Shite: Hi Heather. So nice to run into you last Friday. Great site. Hope we stay in touch. Jeez, what memories. Anyway. Uh, guess I’ll write you on more personal lines. Oh yeah, you crazy anglophile: you’re “loads” cool. And I mean that. Talk soon. Late. “LYLAS,” – T

Name: A gun shot cop
Shite: Unnnrrrrrggghh! The pain! I can’t take it much longer. My guts are all over the floor. I’m goin’ to die, aren’t I? Give it to me straight, I can handle the truth. Guuuggggghhhh. I’m losing consciousness. Oh, Jesus, that ambulance is never going to make it in time. I never saw it comin’. Oh, shit, no, please, don’t let me die. I can’t die, I can’t. I got too much ahead of me. I love you, Nancy. I love you, Billy and Ashley. Please don’t cry, it’s okay. Unggghhhhh. Agggghhh. I’m dyin’

Name: Rebop
Shite: I’ve been picking my nose…….
And you’ve been picking your nose…..
And they’ve been picking their nose……
And I’ve been picking my….RA DA DA DA DA DA

Name: dark_knight_70
Shite: Interesting place… who did your curtains?

Name: Benj
Shite: Some call me the space cowboy
Some call me the gangsta of love.
But baby baby keep on talkin bout me,
Cos Im right here, right here, right here,
Right here at home…

Name: jessica
Shite: You rock chickie. Very few people do that anymore.
Oh, read my journals if you wanna know why I am losing my mind.

I have unhealthy growing obsession for chocolate and beer so I am adding another obsession which is working out and that will leave no more room for computer SHITE within my schedule. Thank god.
bye girl

Name: munebunnie
Shite: Moons glisten in the depths of space,
an eternal light, from which the day is long hidden.
Stars gleam with amber epervecence and the eyes of souls, awake! yet long forgotten, rise to meet the vibrant aray of emotions, falling from thought to thought , like some emotional rollercoaster, drifting through the milkyway.
reaching out only to touch and glimps through a window to……a shine in the soul.
A beam so brilliant and bright
a light that fights with might never to leave the night .
and yet when dawn breaks in morn again ,,,, then must we live a life of sin, and forget once more, the wandering purity of thought and delight…for the night sees all and and knows the true burdens in the depth of my waking soul….. good morning! Life……..


Name: G
Shite: You know talking Shite can give you a great advantage over others. If your really good by the time someone is done figuring out what you are saying you have left them in the dust.
Example: I’m playing basketball and some slug is guarding me. As I dribble the ball down court I’ll them exactly how I’m going to get to the basket before I do it. When I do score you can be damn sure the Shite will be flying. (enter great advantage)

This page sure is dreamy. It reminds me of the synthetic wood grain that was in my mom’s 1973 Cordoba. The colors are wrong but the patern is there. Man that car was the shite.

Name: JamieClive
Shite: Manchester United are the children of the devil (and all his little wizards) and they have no souls. The team and the supporters ar O.K, ‘cos they are only doing they’re job and supporting their team – but the bloody media love them. Even when something else is going on in English soccer of major imporatnce – we get a diet of Manchester United and what their players are doing in their private lives. It’s very similar to the NFL’s obsession with John Elway about 8 – 10 years ago. I personnley hope that their next shite will be a hedgehog!!

Name: Chris ( cj from icq)
Shite: What an novel idear.. Getting people to send you their shite…. well i have a stack of bills to pay and they are shite so you can have them,,, hehehe
Gas bill £123
Phone Bill £450
electricty £137
and overdraft £1756
heheh pay that for me thanks.. now thats shite…
love cj..

Shite: Some people sit and think. Others just sit!

Name: unclepumblechook
Shite: If you insert a banana in each ear + a tin of carnation milk up your back passage you would equal a very sad being in deed

Name: Rich Haggett
Shite: Yes, yes, I know that I didn’t spell the word ‘name’ correctly. Sorry.

Name: Rich Haggett
Shite: Given that I’ve found this via the Fishboy’s site, I could make considerable mischief with this ame, couldn’t I?
But I won’t. Or maybe I will. Fish. Yum yum. If Mr Bivins wants to make a clever point about authority, perhaps he should spell it correctly; he hasn’t included ‘U’ in it (although that’s probably an extremely clever pun and a method, brimful of wit, of bringing his point across; top marks to Mr Bivins). Charmingly titled site by the way. What super photos. You must be very proud. I take it that you are a North American. Super-duper. Cheery ‘bye. For now.

Name: Monseignor Fromage
Shite: It’s string cheese and it’s known for being the cheese that’s fun to eat because you pull it apart one string at a time. *But what is it that makes string cheese so stringy?* Here’s how it works. First, the CURDS are cooked at over 100 degrees. Once melted, the cheese is pushed through small tubes that align the fibers of the cheese. The cheese is actually stretched through these channels until all of the fibers are in a line. A machine then cuts the long strings of cheese into smaller, edible portions. After the small cheese LOGS are cut off from the rest of the line, they cascade into a SEA of salt water called brine. The brine adds salt and cools the cheese before packaging.

Name: sammy
Shite: What is going on when it costs more for loo roll than food?

Shite: who first decided that people are intelectual ? for that matter what is intalect !

Shite: who first decided that people are intelectual ? for that matter what is intalect !

Name: jeeves
Shite: im gay

Name: lorelei
Shite: When I came to L.A I thought I’d have a great time, but instead I’ve wound up PLAYING THE PART OF A DEAD GIRL IN A FILM ABOUT NECROPHILIACS!!!

Name: Plastic Penis
Shite: qn9RN ,BSSSFD HAUBA HHWALLBABAb;wbu ;uwyewbw8273 lwuybliu liufw ifuywipbbpbpbby liuweyrbvq 84yrv ;iuyrir92r li7bcli lIVEWRQL L7EYRBWE7YRL23IU LI7LAWGGVGVGBVBVBV IUYIWUYIWUE IWEYIP9W6P926; LRV
This is a secret code … anyone who can figure it out … wins a prize

Name: Clown Without Pity
Shite: We sell forbidden objects from places men fear to tread. We also sell frozen yogurt, which I call frogurt! Take this object, but beware it carries a terrible curse. “Oooh,that’s bad.” But it comes with a free frogurt! “That’s good.” The frogurt is also cursed. “That’s bad.” But you get you choice of toppings! “That’s good.” The toppings contain potassium benzoate………………………….that’s bad. Can I go now?

Name: Day UK
Shite: …………………..Eh? I am kind of new to this? What the f*ck are you all talking about? well .. you just do whatever you want to …. and that is it really … tell me stories … etc….

Name: HellMaster21
Shite: Hello people of all ages and races. The time has come for the darkness to emerge into the light. I just hope you are part of the dark and not the light, for as the darkness comes it always overcomes the light ehh yea sure ….


well … hello right back at ya. 🙂

Shite: Hello Everyone in Hever-land! Many hugs and kisses to the lovely Hever! I miss you much and can’t wait to see you again! I want you to meet Johnny! He’s the greatest, you know! Love ya, 3sa!!!


I do all the time …

Name: big boy
Shite: lkjasdfkjlsdfajlkasdfjlkfasdlkjsdfa

Name: yo momma
Shite: Beastie Boys in da House .. awwwwww yea …..

Name: the Dude
Shite: Hey, I dig your site. It’s really groovy. Take a peek at mine – Let me know what you think. this is now on my links page. it is a cool site.

Name: Mircea
Shite: what do you think of the word groin? i really want to know…
well i think it is a noun. but it is nice to say … groin … ya know it kindof makes you move your mouth around and wrinkle your nose.

Name: laga
Shite: Hello! Shite? Is this word like the Australian word Shit? If so I wouldn’t usually reply to such filth but boredom breeds rudeness. Runny pooh. Are you happy now! I’m sorry, I think I may have misunderstood you. Do you really want me to ‘Send You My Shite’.um very strange. I must go now.
well no, i would not like to get a package of poo in the mail, this is just a place for silly things and to have lil fun with. however if anyone wishs to send poo to someone go to and you can do so from there.

Name: Tommy the Katt
Shite: The realms of light
Some are born to sweet delight
Some are born to endless night
Some are born to retro delight
Some are born again to endless circle of life
this is somewhat dark, but good.

Name: Kristin Buck
Shite: Ha,Ha ain’t that some shite, can’t wait till your back in the states…I knew you couldn’t live without me….

Name: Mr. Shiny
Shite: You could have at least tried to understand my new pants. But did you? No! You were too busy keeping your nose centered on your face (See? Don’t pretend that I don’t know how much effort That takes!) So don’t try to blame me for anything between my bellybutton and my socks, because I made the effort and bought new pants, even if you are too mean or too lazy to try and understand them.
I wanted more than this!

Name: Ricky
Shite: Cats are wonderful. They have long shaggy hair all down their throats and they claw their genitals until you yelp like a tiny little elf. Oh come Prince Philip. Behold. Prince Harolds’s castle. But still! The winsome hand of fate who won the golden sunshine.. and lips that shame the red, red rose of destiny. But a hundred years.. and our prince is free to go his way. Oh valiant. Turnips! Prunes! They are my tiny minions. I grow in the garden of despair. Fish! Flench! Fists up my rectum. That is what I worship. And that is what I believe. My time here is finished. Kiss my arse. Licky. Squirm. Mighty Sword of Truth. Glowing beacon of shite-hole. Pleb! Pleb! You are all of pleb. I salute you. Frederick. G’night. xxx

Name: Louis Trapolino
Shite: Why in the fuck is heather going to London? What the fuck, you can’t just go to England and leave us all alone. You Knowyouaregoin to miss me and big Mike and the crew. I hope you have fun, but don’t forget about us, because we all love you.

Name: Lonzo the gonzo
Shite: Heather and the weather……………. First it’s a heat wave. Then tropical storms and hurricanes. probably be a snowstorm when you come stateside to pay homage to your past. Film at eleven. noshite!¿

Name: Michael
Shite: Poo poo.

Name: diddy creamcheese
Shite: Harley Davidson Harley Davidson Harley Davidson Harley Davidson Harley Davidson Harley Davidson Harley Davidson Harley Davidson Harley Davidson Harley Davidson Harley Davidson Yeeeeesssssss. The feel of the wind in your hair. The bugs in yer teeth. bleaaahc The smell of hot asphalt paving in the evening rush hour traffick. The grease and oil on your hands Wwwooooowwwww!! Now. Ain’t that some shite?


Name: kissmebaby
Shite: Your ol’galleria babe, here. Working the 3rd shift on this smog filled sunday mourn. Beautiful, yes… Miss you. When are you coming to Houston again? I’ll keep searching for Heathen Tour Dates. I’ll be a long time before I get to visit you. Smalley sucks green ass! Finally, I’m rid! Enough! HEY! What cha wearin’?!? Let’s play strip poker! 3sa

Name: Mat
Shite: Hi heather, Here is some shite for you. please don’t hit me. -m@
but it is fun!!! and you love it really you slag.

Name: Albert
Shite: I’ll show you if you ask niceley!!! You know who?
sadly i have never gotten to see …..

Name: Han Solo
Shite: Hoaky realigion’s no match for a blaster at your side kid.

Name: Uncle Postman

Name: Me
Shite: You know who this is, just thought I’d drop by and say hello to make ya look popular. I know Ricky gets all the attention now you’ve moved away from us. Ahhh

i was never to sure who this was ….

Name: jesto
Shite: W00py w00p! This here page is ka-razy stuff! Full of bright scarey colors.. beware! It is making my head feel funny. And perhaps someday I will really really actually send Hev the tape I promised her that is currently on the floor of the car. Hee hee.

Name: lea lea
Shite: hola puta que paso? dorea found your new page so I figured I’d spit some shite on the shit. Anchiway, (yes that’s how I meant to spell it.) I sure wish I could have spent some more time with you while you were in town. I guess I’ll just have to come to England and kick it with you to make up for it. Sounds good right? O.K. I have to get back to my
cream of Brocolli soup. Laters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Biaaatch.

Name: Darren (
Shite: Your page is mad! mad mad! do you regularly partake in the consumption of halucinagenic mind expanding drugs? or is this a new type of web design, I came here looking for info on the Indie band Snug and…this page is mad!!

Name: Wouldn’t you like to know?
Shite: *smiles*
hehehe yeah, I was a moocher.
Not that you’d notice.
Nice to see the links are working, I’d like to take credit for at least one of the photos
tho, I took it.

same here … i should know .. but i don’t

Name: Arris Motley
Shite: Dear Hever,
Thank you for giving me a chance to talk shite with you. It is an honour and a privilege. Talking shite is one of my favourite pastimes. I’m very good at it, although I have to go under a false name because my friends and family don’t know. I hope one day to be able to come out of the (water) closet and declare to the world that I am a shite talker. But the fear is so intense. What if I am found out? I’d better go, I’m sure they’re tapping my phone. Love, Arris.

Name: DaKaDaKa
Shite: Yes i confess. I MOOCH IT and when i’m sluffin it (when don’t I?) I like to talk thee shite. Of course this shite is about Hever. For who else could deserve it?

Name: Lando
Shite: Hi i don’t know u that well so just dropped by to see what this is >

Name: lauren
Shite: i love heather very much.i love leaann.i love me.i love my family.i love my friend,s.

Name: lea annster
Shite: BEWARE!!!!Heather is a kook. It’s a good thing that i only see you once in a great while! I can’t believe that you’re going to move you crazy hizo! Well time to be bounce so i’ll see ya next year i guess.

Name: kristin p maresh
Shite: the partys just begun life short play hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yo yo heather what up!!!!!!!!! b 34. suzie is blonde bimbo!!!!!!!!! the arts fest was pretty trippie. i cant wait till stp. we are there dude… he baby.. your cool!!!!!!!! heather the feather.. beastie boys kick ass man. black crowes jamz… see ya sweetie kris

Name: Arnold Drummond
Shite: Damn you, are you happy? You who have destroyed whole nations. You who have pushed people into abject poverty. You who did’nt protest as Dif’rent Strokes was cancelled. What were Willis and I supposed to do? Of course we had to pimp Kimberly and sell rocks. We had to survive in thee jungle. America is a hell, especially for child stars, do you see? WE HAD NO OTHER CHOICE! After we fell, we tried to warn Webster that the tv shows about White parents/negro children would’nt work, but he got to greedy. We sitcom world we once knew, was turned upside down. This is a message of help from us to you, asking you to support your local child star. Hey, if Michael J Fox can make a comeback…..

All 40 Songs from the Bandslam Soundtrack (via Reelsoundtrack Blog)

Here are all 40 songs in from movie Bandslam. The Bandslam soundtrack album only has 15 songs on it, but the videos and downloads for all 40 songs are here. I have to say, the music in the movie Bandslam was a ridiculous surprise – in a very good way. When it started off with Rebel Rebel by David Bowie, I sat forward in  my seat and thought – wait a minute – this is not your average movie about high school kids forming a band. As the movie progre … Read More

via Reelsoundtrack Blog

The start of the Blog. Many shows and o dear the things I have done.

I am going to give you all the old information about concerts that I have been to in the past.  I need to add a bunch more to this list, as it hasn’t been updated in about 7 years.  But 90% of the time, with each show there is a great story to go with it.

So enjoy below and soon I will start to add the list of new shows I have been to.

Steve Malkmus was a great show. Bright Eyes opened up and it was the first time I had heard them. They were pretty good. I got their CD Fevers and Mirrors … it is pretty good. Anyhow Back to Steve … the whole show was great … much better than the Pavement show I went to a few months back. For the last song he did a cover of the Cars song Let the Good Times Roll. It was a classic moment. The 18th the Melvins are playing at the Engine room. Should be a good show. there are at least 5 good bands already confirmed. So I am sure they will make stops down here too. Well hopefully. Other than that Low will be at Rudz Jan 23rd and since Death Cab canceled the last show … they are now booked for Feb 14th at notsuoH. If I missed anything else, let me know. I will try to keep this updated, however feel free to check they have a great list. And on a really cool note … a friend of mine from irc is doing the God Speed You Black Emperor’s official site so check it out.

** Apparently this sold out the day before tkts went on sale on the i-net. ** It is comfirmed now that Weezer will be back in Houston in Feb 22 at the Ariel Theatre and tkts go on sale November 27th. =) !!!!! HOORAH!!!! Also Isotope 217 and the Chicago Duo will be at Rudz the Dec 12th.

Elliot Smith was grand. He played alot of stuff old and new but ended with Angels and that made my night. A band called Rotary Downs from New Orleans opened for Elliot Smith and they were really good, who knows wot happened to Grandaddy, but I can’t find anything about this band on the inet … anyone know about them? If so let me know. Yo La Tengo was a great show, they did a cute dance and played wonderful songs from all of their stuff. Granted I got a lil toasty that night, but it was all good.  

I have noticed that every page that I have looked at has everyone favorite music and the gigs they have been to. So call me a sheep, but I shall follow the herd. There is a wide range of music I like from classical to country, and just about everything in between. I have also been to loads and loads of gigs. I will try to list as many as I can think of, but if you know me and I have missed something, please let me know.

The bands I am listening to mostly right now are: Built to Spill, Low, Dirty Three, Sparklehorse, Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse, Neutral Milk Hotel and I have gone a bit retro and have been listening to The Cure  and other 80’s New Wave stuff.

Gigs I have been to & how many times:
mind you they are not in any order and span many years and some may be left out………

Beastie Boys (4)
Glastonbury Festival (2) 
(there are soo many bands i saw at the festival it would take to long to list them
all & I don’t remember all anyhow.)

Lollapalooza (1)
Sliver Sun (6)
Sparklehorse (1)
Neutral Milk Hotel (2)
Eels (1)
Embrace (1)
Teenage Fan Club (1)
Super Furry Animals (3)
Mogwai (1)
Arab Strap (1)
Sebadoh (2)
Hefner (1)
Cake (1)
Kenickie (4)
Symposium (6)
Ash (2)
Romeo Dogs (4)
EMF (1)
Bryan Adams (1)
Yummy Fur (1)
Money Mark (1)
September 67′ (1)
Smashing Pumpkins (2)
Beck (1)
PIL (1)

Low (2)
Mick Turner (1)
Andrea Bocelli (1)
Modest Mouse (1)
De Schmog (1)
Macha (1)
Stereolab (1)
Chris Knox (1)
Elliot Smith (1)
Rotary Downs (1)
Steve Malkmus (1)

 Placebo (3)
The Church (2)
Depeche Mode (3)
The Cure (1)
Smog (1)
Stone Temple Pilots (1)
Tool (1) 
Toadies (1) 
Reverend Horton Heat (1) 
Butthole Surfers (1) 
Public Enemy (1) 
Dog Star (1) 
Nine Inch Nails (1) 
Black Crows (2) 
You am I (1) 
Rage Against the Machine (2) 
Olivia Tremor Control (1) 
Music Tapes (1)
Yo La Tengo (2)
ZZ Top (1)
Thompson Twins (1)
Billy Idol (1)
Deus (1)
Magic Toes (1)
Invisibl Scratch Piklz (1)
Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo (4)
Gomez (2)
Inxs (1)

Pavment (1)
Dirty Three (2)
Tenacious D (1)
Everlast (1)
Mojo Nixon (1)
Guided By Voices (1)
Tibet Freedom Concert 99′
Run DMC (1)
Del the Funky Homosapien (1)
The Blood of Adam (1)\
Bright Eyes (1)

My all time favorite band ever in the whole wide world is the Beastie Boys.  All the times I have gone to see them have been great. They put on an entertaining show. If I made a sound track for High School and most of the good times in Houston … they would be on it along with the Black Crows, New Order, The Smiths, The Church.

But once I moved to London, with Ricky’s help, I discovered loads of new bands and went to most of the above gigs.

And since I have been back in Houston, I have found even more new bands.